ninja_hito (ninja_hito) wrote in miffin_sisters,

I swear I can never get good service here

It had grown late in the evening and Jea had realized it was time to get back home. She needed to fix dinner so Lorenza could at least have one decent meal before going to bed. She took long strides while trying to keep a steady pace so Lorenza wouldn't be left behind. When Jea got home there was a letter taped to their front door. Lorenza grabbed it before Jea could react.

"It's a summons to the town hall tonight at 11:30." Lorenza read through it to see who had sent it. "It doesn't say from who though." Jea unlocked the door and ushered Lorenza in. She put a kettle on to make some tea before rummaging through the fridge to find something decent. Jea found some odds and ends and decided to put them together in a stew. While it was cooking Jea ran Lorenza upstairs to at least get herself washed up before dinner and bed.

"You know you don't have to baby me." Lorenza said as she grabbed some clean clothes to change in after her shower. Jea just sighed and closed the door before going back down to check on her stew. The letter was sitting on the table. She read through it and sighed - it couldn't be for anything good. She had set the stew to simmer and sat down rereading the letter over and over.

"You should just go. Maybe it's something worthwhile." Lorenza said as she sat across from her older sister. The table was tiny and Jea knew Lorenza had grown up without a lot.

"We'll see - why don't you eat and then go up to bed."
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