hitokiri_mineko (hitokiri_mineko) wrote in miffin_sisters,

As long as what you lost dosen't tear you apart

((Authors Note: I'm assuming the the two mega powers are you and i... sorry its taken me so long i don't have the internet and there hasn't been much of a chance to get on at me folks house.))

Elle watched the blurs of reds, oranges and yellows that was once her home. Strangley she felt nothing unless indifference was a something to feel. Then she felt guilty. There had to have been more that their team could have done to prevent this. It only meant that somewhere somehow they had messed up and let something slip. The blasts around her woke her up from her wallowing and when she turned she saw Jea. Another wave of guilt washed over her as she tried to imagine what she must be feeling knowing her sister was on the colony. Then she thought about her own family.

She brought up a window to Jea's gundam and smiled into it as she said, "Well there's nothing we can do for them now but get Ours here and pray that they'll be waiting for us at the end of this damn War!"

And with that she followed suit and began blasting nearly everything in sight. Why not? she figured they took it out on their civilians just a put a little hurt on them so why not repay the favor.

"What do you say we rip this tin can apart?!" She laughed as her face came up on all their partners screens and they all appeared on theirs.

((i only put that last part to everyone because i got the feeling everyone is on the colony besides me and you when kay and and marco put the detonators. Sorry its so short but i don't really know what's going on so i just kinda ran with a bit of what you gave me))

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