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It's only after you've lost everything are you free to do anything.

((Author's Note: I'm gonna do a time skip to see if we can get this puppy up and running again =) ))

The training was strenuous, no doubt - they had to be the strongest and they had to be perfect. There was no room for error - not in their line of work. Every pilot grew into their own, becoming weapons of mass destruction of the most devastation power. Human Faith. Jea, herself had grown into a  more self confident woman and even more protective of her younger sibling. Lorenza hhad seen her sister's transformation and wasn't sure whether to stand in awe or fear of the new martyr. Only time would tell.

((Fast forward six months after training)) ((whoosh))

The mission was to be a simple one, infiltrate, divide and conquer. Jea and Elle were waiting in a warehouse for the initial strike. The colony was located near the L2 colonies, it was recently opened colony who's economy received a boost because of it's proximity to the others. Jea's hands were resting on top of the controls, her heart was racing through her chest, anxiety was slowing taking over the pilot. It was okay to feel this way - but it shouldn't hinder her ability to perform her job.

A video screen opened on her command screen - it was Kay Mendoza.

"Marco and I have just finished installing the last of the detonators. Andreque is in coloney lx8977 - he will set everything off. Good luck you two." The screen disappeared and Jea adjusted the dark goggles that covered her eyes. They helped with the bright explosions and kept their identities a secret.

"Forgive me Father, for the sins I am about to committ and the sins there after." She did the sign of the cross and waited for bright red explosions to tear apart the warehouse around them. The devastation was immense as bombs went off, the gundam pilots went about destroying the military base. It was the only place they were not able to get access to and the main job of the gundams to destroy everything. Everything was going according to plan until another video screen opened to show a counter organization had taken control of their home colony. It was as if each pilot was frozen in place. How did they know? How could they figure out?

Right before their eyes - the colony was destroyed. Jea sat quietly, unmoving - she had lost her nerve. Her little sister was on that colony. Her only family was destroyed along with the infrastructure she had called home. Silently the tears rolled her face. She let out a roar before destroying three more bunkers that housed soldiers.

Two mega powers were about to line up and destroy everything in their paths.
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