hitokiri_mineko (hitokiri_mineko) wrote in miffin_sisters,

Chillax it won't kill you

"Meh... Their just confident in themselves... and probably not worrying about their little sister."Elle added with a smile. She sat up straight and looked Jea in the eye. "Just relax. You know you're doing this for the right reason so don't worry about. Even if these guys have more to offer than us either way they picked us for a reason. But its thinking and talkin like that that's gonna really set us apart." Elle eyed the other pilots for a moment but shrugged them off. They were no big deal to her but she could tell it really bothered Jea. or maybe it was her sisters glaring daggers at them all that was bothering her. She didn't really know and at the current moment chose not to care.

She was about to lean back in her seat again until she saw a couple of vans pulling up. She picked up her cap, pulled her chongo through the back, shouldered her bag and said, "Let's get going then!" She smiled and started off. She looked back after a few steps and saw Jea staring transfixedly at the vans. She stopped and turned back at her. "You coming?" Jea snapped out of it and walked a couple of steps before Elle turned and spoke again without looking at her. "Look if it makes you feel any better i promise I'll still be your friend when those other guys out strip you in the 100 meter dash K?" She climbed into the van and pulled out her mp3 player, pulled her cap over her eyes and dozed off before the rest had clambered in.

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