hitokiri_mineko (hitokiri_mineko) wrote in miffin_sisters,

yeah i can't beat that last subject line so i'm not gonna try

Elle left with a very light load very early the next day with out so much as a goodbye. She'd only packed a few changes of clothes, a couple of personal gadgets and her favorite pillow into her school bag. She caught the bus to the other side of the colony to get her shuttle to earth. It was one of the first in the morning to leave. The wait before and after the ride was extremly boring but Elle made the most by lying to people about how she'd always wanted to study abroad or how she was just visiting a sick relative, or how she was only 15 and in a custody battle between her parents. Things she knew she shouldn't joke about but still made her laugh when they walked off.

After arriving in the desert Elle pulled out a sheet from her packet. She was supposed to wait there for the next person. She sat down at a spot where she had a clear view of the passengers getting off. After a moment she realized no one who'd been at the meeting was going to be getting off anytime soon. So she set an alarm to go off every hour or so and dozed off.

She was still pretty drowzy when she opened her eyes she saw Jae and Lorenza walking towards her. She just so happened to catch what Lorenza had said.

"Yeah They Sure Did! But if we're gonna go might as well go with a bang!"

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