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The Tales of Bored Sisters' Journal
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Friday, March 6th, 2009
1:53 am
Spinning our web of lies!

Elle's temper shot at being shoved but just as she was going to open her mouth she looked at the boy she ran into. Elle had to tear her gaze from his eyes to look at Jea.

"Its alright. we should've been watching where we were going." she said off handedly

 “No really it was our fault” Heero said his eyes wide as he studied her face. “I’m Heero Yuy, this is Duo Maxwell and you two are?”

"I'm Ava DeLioncourte." Jea thought quickly and smiled as sweetly as possible. "This is my friend..."

‘Maris Alomar.” Elle said quickly holding out her hand.

Duo took it gently and placed a soft kiss and wriggled his eyebrows. "Its a pleasure ma'am." he noticed her bags. "Would you like some help with those?"

Maris’ jaw dropped. Never in her life… she thought then let out a small laugh. She wanted to say yes but looked to Ave for the ok.

"Well I don't see why not." Ava was trying to not seem preoccupied with Heero. Who in turn was doing the same. For some reason every inch of her face captivated him. He swiftly removed the bags from Ava's hands letting his linger for just a moment so that he could feel her skin again his. Since he was not as bold as Duo to make a fool of himself.

"Do you live far? We could call for a car. We'd be more than happy to escort you home." Heero offered.

“We don’t live far but a car would be nice if you’re in a hurry to get on your way.” Ava said slightly disappointed.

“I’m sorry if I came across that way but we’re in no hurry at all.” Heero said compassionately.

“Thank you very much. We live this way.” Maris said after she shuddered slightly from their brief contact.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. Are you new in town?” Heero asked.

“Yes we are.” Ava tapped her finger on her chin. “We haven’t been here long. It’s a beautiful town. Have you lived here long?”

“To be quite honest we used to travel a lot but since we became members of the high guard this has pretty much been home.” Heero said smiling for once.

            “The high guard?” Ava tried to look surprised and smiled lightly, “Wow impressive.” Duo took this as a chance to be even more impressive.

“We’re Miss Relena’s personal guard.”

“That must mean you’re pretty skilled. To be entrusted with a life as valuable as hers” Maris said sounding in awe of what she was saying when really it was what she was looking at: his eyes. Duo smiled and chuckled – he was captivated by her smile and lingered on her face as long as he could.

“You could say something like that.” Maris couldn’t help herself and didn’t stop to think how Ave would react when she smiled and said, “Bet I could take you” Ava looked and Maris smiled.

“She probably could take you she’s a tough one.” Duo glanced over at Maris again as if to size her up.


“’Hmm’ is all you can say? Huh?” Maris said then laughed at her own forwardness. Heero glanced at Ava.

“So if she’s the tough one what are you? Besides beautiful.”

            “I’m the quiet one. It’s the quietones you have to look out for.” She winked.

Heero threw his head back and laughed. ‘

“Oh believe me I think watching out for you would be the highlight of the year for me!” he smiled. Ava tried her best not to squeal. He was just so handsome. She bit the corner of her lip to keep from letting out any noises.

“You are such a creeper.” Duo said, “Watching out for you would be the highlight on my year? Stalker much, Heero?”  Duo crossed his arms. “I’m gonna watch out for you behind every corner whey you go to the grocery store, in your house? Geez Heero.”

“Oh don’t be too hard on him Duo.” Maris said his name and savored the feel of it in her voice. “Just meeting you has made my year” She said shyly.

            “Aww Maris you’re so cute. We shoud definitely hang out some more. And with Heero stalking your friend I’m sure we’ll see each other more often too.” Maris was quite satisfied with Duo’s answer, “well I hope that if we do see each other again it will because you want to see me and not just because your friend is stalking mine” Heero glanced sidelong at Duo,

“Watch your mouth Duo because we both know I can take you.” He looked back at Ava, “Sorry my friend is a bit of an idiot.” Duo glared daggers at Heero.

“Of course Maris if I see you again it’ll be cause I want to.” He said turning away from hero to look her in the eyes. Ava just smiled as the brash youth seemed to have found a connection.


***(I must have lost what came before this.)***Ava’s comment having a double meaning made both boys smile.


“So what is it exactly that you do Ava?” Heero asked.

            “I’m a computer software programmer but its been a while since I’ve done any programming. Now I just do odds and ends.” Duo looked to Maris.

            "What do you do Maris?" She quickly looked to Ava who answered.
                           "She's my assistant."

****(i don't have anything but a few of your responses after this! you're gonna have to help me!!)*****

Monday, February 2nd, 2009
8:03 pm
I'm afraid so darlin - the goal is to be INcognito
It had been awhile since Jea could laugh, but watching her team mates argue about Marco's legitmately being bald - helped her realize there were things more important than fighting. She turned off the projector and went into the kitchen to start dinner. She didn't notice Kay walk into the kitchen, but she could sense the shadow in the corner of the kitchen.

"It must be nice to smile again, huh?" She asked. Jea nodded and continued to chop three carrots into a large pot of boiling water. "If you're going to take over as the leader - may I suggest a little more maturity on your part." Kay walked out quickly leaving Jea slightly confused. She sighed and finished adding the rest of the ingredients. When they were first trained, Kay was the leader - she made all the decisions, but lately she had let Jea assume the role. Now she was mad - that was total bull shit. Oh well, Jea sampled a little of the stew and sighed.

"Dinner's Ready!"


A couple of days later, Jea and Elle had gone to visit a costume shop. Elle was moving quickly through the racks picking up random items of clothing. Jea was following at leisurely pace trying to find things that caught her eye. She chuckled lightly when she saw Elle's arms full of clothes and various items.

"I'm guessing whatever we don't use - we'll have for halloween, right?" They paid for their items and began to walk toward the exit. However, they had an unexpected run in/walk in with a few people they really weren't expecting or hoping to run into. Two members of Relena's High Guard. Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell.

"Oh man! I'm so sorry - I didn't even see you there. Are you okay miss?" He started to help Elle pick up the clothes. Jea helped too, but she kept an eye on the other one.

"It's alright, we should've been watching where we were going." She said off handedly

3:26 pm
Would Having Green Hair be too Much?
Elle was only half listening to what jea was saying  because she never really fully grasped all the words she used to say what she had to say. she resisted making a crack at jea's breaking the cabinet statement and began thinking up her own suggestions. when she assumed jea was done speaking her hand shot in the air and she said ratherr loudly:

"i think we should all wear disguises. keep our true identities safe because someone obviously knows who we are." she put her hand down.

"True as that maybe we don't want to be working when somehow you loose your wig." Jea said in a normal tone of voice as if jokingly trying to show Elle how normal peoplle talk in public.

"Touche" she smirked adjusting her hat.

"Then what do you propose?" Mario asked

"I think that if we can't disguise who we are in public we'll disguise who we are in battle. We'll be open about it. let the enemy get clear views of our faces that way when people see us out and about no one will think to suspect us." kate said in almost as powerful a way as Jea.

"Awesome! i'm in charge of disguises! What do we want wigs, contacts, fake mustaches and side burns? you know the works? Mario what would you think about pretending to be bald?" Elle laughed to herself at the thought.
Friday, January 30th, 2009
7:11 pm
A dark glimpse into the future
Jea looked to her other team mates and regripped her controls. She was feeling more alive now anyways. She replaced her dark goggles, "let's move to dry land." After several days of traveling, they had found salvation in the outskirts of a small town. The next few days were spent creating aliases for the next phase. They were gathered together in the dining room of their luxurious villa home. Jea stood before them with a blue screen behind her. She clicked a button that brought up a new image that showed Relena speaking to a crowd. "For our next mission, Elle and I will infiltrate her cabinet and start breaking the foundation from the inside out."

She clicked again and another picture appeared with that of the former gundam pilots. "Now, these five young men are known as Relena's High Guard. They are not as comfortable as the others - they will become suspicious rather quickly. Marco and Andreque - you two will become members of her High Guard. Your infiltration will be more difficult as they will try to find any loose strings in your back ground."


On another colony, in a darkly lit room - an older man was sitting behind several glowing screens. "It was a pity to lose such an investment - but I think the aftermath will be more profitable in the end." He looked to his business associate with an evil smirk. His associate pushed his thin framed glasses up.

"Well sir, war is the most profitable game we could play. However, don't you think Vice Foreign Minister Darlian will put a stop to any rebellions?"

"Darlian won't know how to handle these creatures - they're a new breed of soldier. They're survivors by nature and there are no better soldiers than those created by natural breeding and atmosphere."

"Sir, do you mean that you've been breeding these soldiers all these years?" Young associate was taken back.

"Of course, each one has a trigger. I chose each one for their specific backgrounds. That poor colony only saw me as their benefactors - but they were a necessary sacrifice for me to come into power; just as these pilots will be a mere sacrifice for me." He let out a short laugh. "Ensure that their background checks go through perfectly and that the girls are hired as Relena's assistants.

"Yes sir, I will see to that it is taken care of.

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
4:22 pm
Mission 1 Objective: Regroup
Elle had watched Jea's mobile suit disappear into the ocean without first getting out and could only pray that she didn't try and commit suicide by opening up in an attempt to swim to the surface. She knew her friend was smarter and more rational than that but couldn't be sure of what kind of state her friend was in. Or any of her friends for that matter. It made her feel cruel and empty as she thought of how she could be so indifferent to it all. In her mind the game was up. They were discovered. Their reason for fighting was over. She just couldn't grasp at how the lives of a few people being destroyed was a reason for their lives to be over. They'd survived. They'd gone out fighting. Not like all the rest of them sitting by the beknownst sidelines. they had a chance to start over now didn't they? Now that they were off of that peice of dirt colony things could be better than ever.

But if none but her could see that then she'd give up and give in. She wouldn't go off without them like she did her real family. especially because somebody knew who they were somebody knew where to attack and that somebody was going to pay.

Elle sat for nearly two days on the ocean floor waiting for signs of life from Jea and when it finally happened she tore after her like lightning. She opened up a screen on Jea's mobile suit and saw the rebirthed Jea looking more determined than ever.

"Glad to see your back? So what's the plan?" she smiled.
Monday, January 26th, 2009
8:54 pm
It's only the beginning to our destructive paths
In an instant the mobile suits disappeared and all destruction stopped suddenly. Two colonies were destroyed almost instantaneously of each other. Both out of vengeance, but to which side was right - the lines were beginning to blur. Several hundreds of miles later, the mobile suits were actually in a direct path toward the Earth. There was no way to hide a mobile suit in another colony, especially when one was feeling rather loathsome of the colonies.

Jea's mobile suit hit the ocean was enormous blast that would destroy a normal human. She wasn't feeling human at all at the moment. She sunk into her chair and sighed - ripped the goggles from her face and flung them at the screen which displayed the blue planet becoming darker and darker as the mobile suit sank deeper into the abyss. There weren't enough tears in one person to truly unleash the anger, the fear, the loneliness of realizing one's absolute defeat in the world. She clawed furiously at the interior of the machine that had led to the destruction of everything she held dear. It was all her fault that Lorenza had met her end, that the colony was gone along with all those people.

All those people. The emotions and physical strain of the battle and the impact had left Jea exhausted to the point that she collapsed into a deep and heavy sleep, where her soft sobs soothed the broken heart into a peaceful sleep. The hours passed as Jea laid at the bottom of the sea gathering what was left of her strength. She slept through the most miserable hours of her life - each minute growing more and more hateful, more careless as to what the next few steps would be.

There would no sleep for those in the aftermath - they were all going to burn in hell together. She would promise them a nice little death - no, not nice. They had been cruel in attacking the colony instead of them. There would be nice quick and easy death. It would be slow and cruel. Jea would create a new world order in the wake of those who had wronged her and believed she would lay down and die along side her beloved lost ones.

Jea's eyes opened quickly, almost lifeless - she powered the mobile suit back to life and move quickly away from civilization to hide her mobile suit. They were going to have to regroup and come back stronger.
Saturday, December 6th, 2008
12:20 am
As long as what you lost dosen't tear you apart

((Authors Note: I'm assuming the the two mega powers are you and i... sorry its taken me so long i don't have the internet and there hasn't been much of a chance to get on at me folks house.))

Elle watched the blurs of reds, oranges and yellows that was once her home. Strangley she felt nothing unless indifference was a something to feel. Then she felt guilty. There had to have been more that their team could have done to prevent this. It only meant that somewhere somehow they had messed up and let something slip. The blasts around her woke her up from her wallowing and when she turned she saw Jea. Another wave of guilt washed over her as she tried to imagine what she must be feeling knowing her sister was on the colony. Then she thought about her own family.

She brought up a window to Jea's gundam and smiled into it as she said, "Well there's nothing we can do for them now but get Ours here and pray that they'll be waiting for us at the end of this damn War!"

And with that she followed suit and began blasting nearly everything in sight. Why not? she figured they took it out on their civilians just a put a little hurt on them so why not repay the favor.

"What do you say we rip this tin can apart?!" She laughed as her face came up on all their partners screens and they all appeared on theirs.

((i only put that last part to everyone because i got the feeling everyone is on the colony besides me and you when kay and and marco put the detonators. Sorry its so short but i don't really know what's going on so i just kinda ran with a bit of what you gave me))

Monday, October 27th, 2008
2:50 pm
It's only after you've lost everything are you free to do anything.
((Author's Note: I'm gonna do a time skip to see if we can get this puppy up and running again =) ))

The training was strenuous, no doubt - they had to be the strongest and they had to be perfect. There was no room for error - not in their line of work. Every pilot grew into their own, becoming weapons of mass destruction of the most devastation power. Human Faith. Jea, herself had grown into a  more self confident woman and even more protective of her younger sibling. Lorenza hhad seen her sister's transformation and wasn't sure whether to stand in awe or fear of the new martyr. Only time would tell.

((Fast forward six months after training)) ((whoosh))

The mission was to be a simple one, infiltrate, divide and conquer. Jea and Elle were waiting in a warehouse for the initial strike. The colony was located near the L2 colonies, it was recently opened colony who's economy received a boost because of it's proximity to the others. Jea's hands were resting on top of the controls, her heart was racing through her chest, anxiety was slowing taking over the pilot. It was okay to feel this way - but it shouldn't hinder her ability to perform her job.

A video screen opened on her command screen - it was Kay Mendoza.

"Marco and I have just finished installing the last of the detonators. Andreque is in coloney lx8977 - he will set everything off. Good luck you two." The screen disappeared and Jea adjusted the dark goggles that covered her eyes. They helped with the bright explosions and kept their identities a secret.

"Forgive me Father, for the sins I am about to committ and the sins there after." She did the sign of the cross and waited for bright red explosions to tear apart the warehouse around them. The devastation was immense as bombs went off, the gundam pilots went about destroying the military base. It was the only place they were not able to get access to and the main job of the gundams to destroy everything. Everything was going according to plan until another video screen opened to show a counter organization had taken control of their home colony. It was as if each pilot was frozen in place. How did they know? How could they figure out?

Right before their eyes - the colony was destroyed. Jea sat quietly, unmoving - she had lost her nerve. Her little sister was on that colony. Her only family was destroyed along with the infrastructure she had called home. Silently the tears rolled her face. She let out a roar before destroying three more bunkers that housed soldiers.

Two mega powers were about to line up and destroy everything in their paths.
Friday, August 15th, 2008
12:59 am
Chillax it won't kill you

"Meh... Their just confident in themselves... and probably not worrying about their little sister."Elle added with a smile. She sat up straight and looked Jea in the eye. "Just relax. You know you're doing this for the right reason so don't worry about. Even if these guys have more to offer than us either way they picked us for a reason. But its thinking and talkin like that that's gonna really set us apart." Elle eyed the other pilots for a moment but shrugged them off. They were no big deal to her but she could tell it really bothered Jea. or maybe it was her sisters glaring daggers at them all that was bothering her. She didn't really know and at the current moment chose not to care.

She was about to lean back in her seat again until she saw a couple of vans pulling up. She picked up her cap, pulled her chongo through the back, shouldered her bag and said, "Let's get going then!" She smiled and started off. She looked back after a few steps and saw Jea staring transfixedly at the vans. She stopped and turned back at her. "You coming?" Jea snapped out of it and walked a couple of steps before Elle turned and spoke again without looking at her. "Look if it makes you feel any better i promise I'll still be your friend when those other guys out strip you in the 100 meter dash K?" She climbed into the van and pulled out her mp3 player, pulled her cap over her eyes and dozed off before the rest had clambered in.

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
11:57 pm
Dammit - I didn't sign up for sunshine 24/7
Jea gave Lorenza her 'mother' face and sighed. It was really hot and it wasn't making them feel any more welcomed. "It feels like that - but the ironic thing is we're probably gonna go out as terrorists." The other team members showed up one at a time. Andreque was a tall young man with strong Spaniard blood with his dark hair and bright blue eyes. He hardly spoke, but had an intense aura to him that made him intimidating. Marco had more Hispanic blood with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes - he spoke more but still retained an intense aura. Kay Mendoza was a completely different figure. Her light brown hair was pulled up and way from her face and her emerald eyes were piercing. She was the only one with a military background. It showed in how she maintained herself that she could be cruel.

"I feel like we're not much compared to the others." Jea made an off comment to Elle.
Tuesday, July 29th, 2008
2:01 am
yeah i can't beat that last subject line so i'm not gonna try

Elle left with a very light load very early the next day with out so much as a goodbye. She'd only packed a few changes of clothes, a couple of personal gadgets and her favorite pillow into her school bag. She caught the bus to the other side of the colony to get her shuttle to earth. It was one of the first in the morning to leave. The wait before and after the ride was extremly boring but Elle made the most by lying to people about how she'd always wanted to study abroad or how she was just visiting a sick relative, or how she was only 15 and in a custody battle between her parents. Things she knew she shouldn't joke about but still made her laugh when they walked off.

After arriving in the desert Elle pulled out a sheet from her packet. She was supposed to wait there for the next person. She sat down at a spot where she had a clear view of the passengers getting off. After a moment she realized no one who'd been at the meeting was going to be getting off anytime soon. So she set an alarm to go off every hour or so and dozed off.

She was still pretty drowzy when she opened her eyes she saw Jae and Lorenza walking towards her. She just so happened to catch what Lorenza had said.

"Yeah They Sure Did! But if we're gonna go might as well go with a bang!"

Monday, July 28th, 2008
11:00 pm
But there's still tomorrow, Forget the sorrow - And I can be on the last train home
Jea woke up early to start packing what little possessions she had. Lorenza had gone ahead to school, but Jea had told just for half a day since they would be packing. Lorenza came home at lunch and decided to fill up her suitcases. She only filled up two and put them by the doorway. "So we're finally leaving huh?" Lorenza sat at the table and eyed the packet that was spread over the table.

"Yeah, we are - but it's going to be a bigger change than you thought of." Jae said from the other room. Lorenza read through the packets and grabbed the sheet that gave detailed information on her sister's mission. She stormed into the other room. "So.. so this is it? You're just gonna become someone's toy soldier?"

"It's not like that - we're in this depression because the government isn't do anything to stimulate our economy. We have to take it back." Jae tried to place a hand on Lorenza, but she pulled away.

"What happens if you die? What will happen to me?"

"Don't you think I've already thought about it?! I'm doing this for you, for us. I want you to go to school and get an education. I want you to be able to go to any college and not have to worry about the money. If there was any other way I would do it."

The shuttle ride to earth was a quiet one between the siblings. Jae was still trying to figure out who she was doing this for - it had to be for them, right? The shuttle arrived in a small airport near the desert where they would meet up with the other team mates. She saw the girl that was close to Lorenza's age there.

"Don't you know that girl?" Jae asked hoping to break the silence.

"I know of her - she went to my school." Lorenza wiped a bead of sweat off her forehead. "Did they send her here to die too?"
2:27 am
A newly dubbed angel of death and destruction

"Nah i think i'm a grade above her. Well i'm looking forward to working with y'all. Later!" Elle jumped off the stage and started her walk back home feeling extremely happy. She kept letting it play in her mind what it would be like to work a mobile suit. She'd heard of it and seen it on the news but never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she might be able to be one!

By the time she got home her dad was asleep and before her brother could question her she'd locked herself in her room. She smiled knowing she'd beaten them all with a simple bathroom lock. She threw herself on to her bed wearing her head phones as her elder brother tried to beat down her door for answers. She read through the arrangments that had been made for her own personal retreat from this peice of dirt she called home. Her escape would be on sunday. Her heart raced with excitment but at the same time a small voice in the back of her head said good just another mouth dad doesn't have to feed...

Placing the packet in her pillow case she rolled over to get some shut eye.

12:37 am
your guardian angell
Jea received her packet and gripped it tightly. A gundam pilot - she was going to be a gundam pilot. She looked at the other five members at her team mates and let out a low sigh. She was without a doubt the oldest, none of them would probably have the same responsibility as her. After the man had left the younger girl walked up to her and asked her about Lorenza.

"Huh? oh yeah she's my little sister. You can't be much older than her - can you?"

"I guess we'll have to take our information home and read up on what they want from us." Jea squeezed it once more. "It appears to be kind of thick. I'm sure we'll have to plenty to read through."

Back at home, Jea sat down at their small kitchen table and read through the documents. It had gundam information already including the name and specialty of hers. She skimmed through and finally got up from the table. She needed to check on the one person she cared about the most. Quietly she walked into Lorenza's room where she was sleeping snugly. Jea sat on the edge and watched her younger sister sleep momentarily. She got up and leaned over to pull the covers a little more over her shoulders.

"I won't leave you behind....ever." With that she placed a kiss on Lorenza's forehead. "I will protect you from all that is obscene."
Saturday, July 26th, 2008
3:39 am
Even if it that includes this piece of dirt colony

Elle walked to Town Hall with a extra spring in her step. Even she didn't believe the bull she'd fed her brother and father about it being for school but having said that her curiosity was raving and made her even more excited to be invited to such a mysterious meeting.

When the speaker first began his speech Elle's excitment deflated a little but after the first few minutes she finally caught on to what exactly he was talking about. Her heart began to pound but even more so when he called her name. Her a Gundam Pilot! But how was she supposed to get to the deserts of mojave? She figured she needed to go up to the dude and his crew to get some more info.

As people got up and were talking amongst eachother in important voices she made her way to the front. The guy was talking to a group of people who looked just like him in their monkey suits and neatly parted hair. She wasn't sure wether or not she wanted to approach all of them at once or try to catch one of them alone. She was standing at the edge of the stage still debating with her self when the dude who'd already spoken re-aproached the mic and beckoned the five newly dubbed pilots to him. She felt a small wave of releif that she hadn't just barged up to him as she strolled over.

The man was now holding five manilla envelopes. She was the first to reach him obviously and when she did so it surprised her that he smiled down at her.

"You must be Elle?"


"I've seen what you can do and i must admit i was pleased with what i saw."

"But i've never worked a mobile suit."

 "No no of course you haven't." he said as his attention was averted to the four other people now aproaching them. They all filed in a semi-circle next to Elle around the man. Once again he smiled warmly, "Ah yes our Five Guiding Lights. Kay, Jea, Elle, Andreque, and Marco." he looked each in the eye as he spoke their names. "Everything you need to know is here in these envelopes. At least as far as how we know who you are and how you will be arriving at the desert. You may each take these home and study them but i must warn you now to dispose of them correctly and bring only what you need to the training area where you will learn how to work and service a mobile suit and other such things. These packets should answer all your questions." he handed one to each of them then said, "See you in three days." turned and walked off.

"This is insane." Elle said as she looked around into the faces of her fellow pilots. "Hey I know you." she said at Jea. "You have a younger sister right? Lorenza? I've seen you at the school before."

12:37 am
Well I'd do anything to protect the ones that matter the most
Later that night after Jea had made sure Lorenza was in bed and asleep, she stepped out to attend the town meeting. Tomorrow Jea had to make sure Lorenza attended school so forced the younger siblings to go to bed immediately. On the way to the meeting Jea had a feeling that all their lives were going to change. She was ready to embrace with arms wide open.

"For too long we have been ignored. For too long we have been pushed to the backs of people's minds." A large man spoke in front of a small crowd. Jea knew he was a benefactor of the colony but because of the poor economy had lost a great fortune. "We are a people with infinite power and wisdom. Those who oppose will not know the true strength of our ingenuity." Several people nodded and voiced in agreement.

"We will not stop fighting until victory is ours and we are standing on the top of the mountain." The entire room stood up with enthusiasm. "Now as some of you know - I have summoned five of you to lead our people into the next millennium."

"Kay Mendoza, Jea Ambriz, Elle Villanueva, Marco Dominguez, and Andreque Xantes - you will be our guiding light as new and improved gundam pilots. You will begin your training in three days time in the deserts of the Mojave."

Jea Ambriz chewed on her bottom lip - what about her younger sister. What would happen to them?
Thursday, July 24th, 2008
1:50 am
So now we can say lets not eat at that one the other ones better

When Elle finally reached her house, which took her a while as she'd gone so far out of her way, her dad and her eldest brother Opy were in deep discussion about something in the kitchen.

"Hey Daddy, Sup Loser?" she greeted them sitting at the table and leaning in eager to be part of the discussion. Her dad looked at her and she noticed he seemed a little grave. She smiled in a manner that told him she had no clue what was going on but her smile faded somewhat as she looked her brother whose brow was furrowed. She figured she should make her exit.

"Well I had a great day at school! Call me for Dinner K?" She made to get up.

"What's all this about?" Opy asked waving a letter.

"Dunno you tell me."

"Seriously Mija, why have you been summoned to town hall tonight?" Her dad asked

"Dunno we had an assembly earlier today it may be about what ever that was about i don't know i was asleep."

"Well i don't think she should go dad."

"Why not they summoned me they must need me. You're just jealous cause you didn't get one." she smiled

"I think your brothers right."

"Well that's too bad cause i'm going."

"Think about this Elle-" her brother started.

"Look i told you its probably for school since i'm a senior and all don't sweat it." she grabbed the letter and gave it a once over. "Ok 11:30 at town hall. Kinda late but its not a school night huh? Well i'm gonna get ready. Don't wait up for me Daddy." She blew him a kiss as she headed up the stairs to her room.

1:21 am
I swear I can never get good service here
It had grown late in the evening and Jea had realized it was time to get back home. She needed to fix dinner so Lorenza could at least have one decent meal before going to bed. She took long strides while trying to keep a steady pace so Lorenza wouldn't be left behind. When Jea got home there was a letter taped to their front door. Lorenza grabbed it before Jea could react.

"It's a summons to the town hall tonight at 11:30." Lorenza read through it to see who had sent it. "It doesn't say from who though." Jea unlocked the door and ushered Lorenza in. She put a kettle on to make some tea before rummaging through the fridge to find something decent. Jea found some odds and ends and decided to put them together in a stew. While it was cooking Jea ran Lorenza upstairs to at least get herself washed up before dinner and bed.

"You know you don't have to baby me." Lorenza said as she grabbed some clean clothes to change in after her shower. Jea just sighed and closed the door before going back down to check on her stew. The letter was sitting on the table. She read through it and sighed - it couldn't be for anything good. She had set the stew to simmer and sat down rereading the letter over and over.

"You should just go. Maybe it's something worthwhile." Lorenza said as she sat across from her older sister. The table was tiny and Jea knew Lorenza had grown up without a lot.

"We'll see - why don't you eat and then go up to bed."
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Whatever Just Give Me a Diet Water and NonFat Ice

Elle Villanueva had always been a bit of a tomboy. She was the youngest of 4 siblings in a family of nothing but boys. Their mother had passed away when she was still small so she'd never known anything but the rough n tough lifestyle that came along with this piece of dirt colony. She was stronger than most girls and even boys her age and fighting was what she did best. Her brothers all thought that she had a somewhat childish air to her but being Daddy's Girl didn't help either. Still she knew that soon she would have to grow up it being her senior year at the school.

She had been walking home from school when she'd gotten in to a little brawl with a neighborhood bullie. She wasn't even near her own neighborhood but she'd let her urge for looking for fights get the best of her. Her dad would be upset but only because he had caught one good one and busted her lip. Laughing she began jog home her adrenaline still pumping from the fight. The one thing she did love about this good for nothing colony was all the good for nothing punks.

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Life for Jea Ambriz, had been a difficult one filled with strife and having to do without with so much. Now she worked on a dirty cheap colony trying to make a living. Jea was born with an amazing ability to fix anything she touched. She was a natural handyman...er woman. From leaky faucets to defaulting computing systems - Jea could fix anything and for a decent price as well.

"You know Jea, you could just raise your rates and we could be doing a lot better than everyone else." Lorenza, Jea's assistant piped up. In reality she was Jea's younger sister. Jea glanced at her from under the sink.

"You know Lorenza, if you would take on a few jobs - we wouldn't need to raise our rates. Besides people can't afford it." Jea returned to putting finishing touches on the pipes. The old woman gave her the best payment she could think of - lunch. The two left for their next job. Jea was quickly approaching 23 and growing tired of having to work day and night. While Lorenza was approaching 16 and was missing parts of her education - well at least what Jea deemed unimportant.

"I thought the government was going to sign that bill that helped small colonies like ours?" Lorenza asked as a big screen displayed news of Vice Foreign Minister Darlian returning from another trip to earth.

"I don't think it panned out like they thought it would economically." Jea responded.
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