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A dark glimpse into the future

Jea looked to her other team mates and regripped her controls. She was feeling more alive now anyways. She replaced her dark goggles, "let's move to dry land." After several days of traveling, they had found salvation in the outskirts of a small town. The next few days were spent creating aliases for the next phase. They were gathered together in the dining room of their luxurious villa home. Jea stood before them with a blue screen behind her. She clicked a button that brought up a new image that showed Relena speaking to a crowd. "For our next mission, Elle and I will infiltrate her cabinet and start breaking the foundation from the inside out."

She clicked again and another picture appeared with that of the former gundam pilots. "Now, these five young men are known as Relena's High Guard. They are not as comfortable as the others - they will become suspicious rather quickly. Marco and Andreque - you two will become members of her High Guard. Your infiltration will be more difficult as they will try to find any loose strings in your back ground."


On another colony, in a darkly lit room - an older man was sitting behind several glowing screens. "It was a pity to lose such an investment - but I think the aftermath will be more profitable in the end." He looked to his business associate with an evil smirk. His associate pushed his thin framed glasses up.

"Well sir, war is the most profitable game we could play. However, don't you think Vice Foreign Minister Darlian will put a stop to any rebellions?"

"Darlian won't know how to handle these creatures - they're a new breed of soldier. They're survivors by nature and there are no better soldiers than those created by natural breeding and atmosphere."

"Sir, do you mean that you've been breeding these soldiers all these years?" Young associate was taken back.

"Of course, each one has a trigger. I chose each one for their specific backgrounds. That poor colony only saw me as their benefactors - but they were a necessary sacrifice for me to come into power; just as these pilots will be a mere sacrifice for me." He let out a short laugh. "Ensure that their background checks go through perfectly and that the girls are hired as Relena's assistants.

"Yes sir, I will see to that it is taken care of.

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